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"Ask Sandy about the veterans" • The Sandy Says Podcast With Sandy Bower

Please Share, Like, & Subscribe to the links below!!! Episode 5 of the Sandy Says Podcast with Sandy Bower talking about the root causes of issues veterans face every day and why they turn to Vets Returning Home for help.

This episode gives a very good explanation of the mission and the importance of Vets Returning Home.

Sandy Bower is determined to get this podcast momentum to bring awareness to the struggles veterans face to raise money to keep this foundation alive.

Our veterans need our help. Just by Subscribing and Sharing you will be making a difference.

Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to my YouTube channel to help me support the mission of Vets Returning Home.

All of the episode podcasts will be uploaded here & I am doing all of this for the veterans at Vets Returning Home!

You can catch up on Episode 4 here..

And please check out the full audio versions of all of the podcasts here....

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