• Vets Returning Home

How You Can Help Homeless Veterans in Crisis One Swipe at a Time

Vets Returning Home Needs Your Help! Please Share! Covid-19 has impacted the donations coming in for us so Sandy Bower, the Founder/Volunteer Director, came up with a WIN/WIN solution to save business owners money and help veterans in crisis at the same time. 100% of the profits from new customers at Empire Pays will be donated directly to Vets Returning Home.

Empire Pays offers credit card merchant services with affordable credit card processing saving business owners money every time a customer swipes their card for payment. 💳

Because of the pandemic and the obstacles that a lot of businesses and people in the community are facing, it is hard to ask for donations at this time.

So if you are a business owner that offers credit cards as payment to your customers, call or email Sandy today to find out how you can help save veterans in crisis and how you can save on your bottom line by switching over to Empire Pays for your credit card processing.

Watch here a homeless veteran receiving a donated car from a fellow veteran..

Here is where you can learn more about switching to Empire Pays for your credit card processing..

Here is where you can sign up for our Supporting Partner Program

Call or email Sandy today to switch your credit card processing over today!

📧 📞 Sandy: 586-216-8510