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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! Please share!! The new Sensory Deprivation Float Tank at Vets Returning Home!

EXCITING NEWS!!! Vets Returning Home has opened the Sensory Deprivation Float Tank to the public at the Roseville facility!

Thank you so much to Debbie and Tim for giving us a donation of $25,000 to help us make this possible.

All veterans float for FREE, and if you are a civilian and want to schedule a float, we just ask for you to make a small donation to Vets Returning Home for your session!

Sandy Bower explains the benefits from floating, so if you haven't heard of this before, please watch this video! Call 586-285-5606 to book your appointment to Float!

Walk ins are welcome! Please come into the lobby and ask for a manager 🙂

Vets Returning Home

17955 E Eleven Mile Rd

Roseville, MI 48066

Please watch more videos about Vets Returning Home here...


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