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Veterans Helping Veterans - The Mosquito Authority Giving Back to Vets Returning Home

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mike & Paul with Mosquito Authority in Macomb (a veteran owned business) for having a program that will donate a portion of each sale directly to Vets Returning Home the whole month of June!!

Mike is a veteran himself and Paul is in the National Guard and is about to be deployed very soon. We want to thank you both for your service to our country and we appreciate you so much!

If you need your lawn sprayed this year to get rid of those pesky mosquitos and ticks, please call Mosquito Authority in Macomb for the service! (248) 296-4551

Not only will you be supporting a veteran owned business, you will be helping the vets at Vets Returning Home as well.

Watch another video here of the community helping homeless veterans in crisis at Vets Returning Home..


Come visit us at our website!!

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