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Vets Returning Home Giving Away a Car to a Disabled Combat Veteran

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Car Give Away to a Veteran in Crisis!

Vets Returning Home received a vehicle donation to give a car to a Veteran in need.

This story is so special because John is a disabled combat veteran that served 3 tours for our Country.

John fell on hard times, which led to him being homeless and losing everything. Vets Returning Home offered John some resources to handle fighting for full disability and social security that he deserves.

Volunteers from Vets Returning Home has helped John find the right attorneys to fight for him. And now, his crisis is finally being turned around.

John has also been volunteering his time back to Vets Returning Home, which helps other Veterans in crisis as well.

In this video, he explains how Vets Returning Home has helped him, and how it is helping so many other Veterans in need.

Thanks to Vets Returning Home and a wonderful civilian donating this vehicle, John was given a chance to get everything back in order. Please share his story and bring awareness to our Veterans in crisis.

Thank you for all of the love and support that we have received. Please share!

To make a donation, Click this link

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