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Vets Returning Home Podcast with Founder Sandy Bower & Keith Kalfas YouTube Personality

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Sandy Mc Nabb Bower (Founder and volunteer director of Vets Returning Home) joined Keith Kalfas (Entrepreneur & YouTube personality) on the UNTRAPPED PODCAST to talk about the mission of saving Veterans in need of our help.

Sandy's story of how she got to the point of starting this organization helping Veterans is beautiful. Every story of the Veterans she helps bring out of crisis will put tears in your eyes.

Many Veterans when returning home from service suffer from depression, injuries, disabilities, PTSD, and many more obstacles that fall in their way.

Vets Returning Home is determined and dedicated to providing a safe and stable environment to help them get back on track.

There are many ways to help Vets Returning Home give back to Veterans in crisis, and Sandy explains how in this video.

Sandy also owns a company called Empire Pays. This company offers credit card merchant services with affordable credit card processing saving business owners money every time a customer swipes their card for payment. 💳

Because of the pandemic and the obstacles that a lot of people are facing, it is hard to ask for donations from the community at this time.

So Sandy decided to give all profits from new customers of Empire Pays to Vets Returning Home to build a long lasting foundation of support for Veterans in need of our help.

She created a Win Win for both business owners that were potentially impacted by the pandemic, and also for the Veterans at Vets Returning Home.

If you are a business owner that offers credit cards as payment to your customers, call or email Sandy today to find out how you can help save Veterans in crisis by switching over to Empire Pays for your credit card processing.


📞 Sandy: 586-216-8510

We also offer a Sponsored Partnership Program that you can sign up for. Just a small 100% deductible donation every month, and Vets Returning Home will offer you...

Package 1: Our Logo on your website, showing your customers that you are supporting our mission, a T-shirt, a 8x10 Plaque, a Hat, and a window cling.

Package 2: Everything in package 1 plus your logo on our website, and 1/8 page ad in our monthly publication.

Package 3: Everything in packages 1 & 2 plus your logo displayed on live events, 1/4 page ad in our monthly publication, and your business will be featured in a live stream viewed by thousands.

For more info on how you can sign up for our Sponsored Partnership Program, please visit us @

or call us anytime to see how you can help.

📞 Vets Returning Home: 586-285-5606

📞 Sandy Bower: 586-216-8510

Thank you for all who has supported us through the years. Everyone is greatly appreciated.

To find out more about our organization, please visit our YouTube channel, Instagram, or visit our website where you can make a Donation @


Instagram: @vetsreturninghome

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