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Surprising Veterans with Cars

Getting a vehicle can be life changing for a veteran returning home from service. Sometimes, the transition to civilian life can be challenging. Too many veterans come home suffering from ptsd, depression, anxiety, and many more obstacles, resulting in job, vehicle, and housing loss. It is important to remember that one of the crucial things that help vets in crisis to stability is transportation. Once our heroes get the help they need at Vets Returning Home, it is always a great honor to hand over keys to them to show them that we care and that we appreciate the sacrifices they make for our great nation. Thanks to community members, we were able to donate vehicles to our heroes that need it the most. If you are able or looking to donate a vehicle, please consider donating to our veterans. Find out how you can help continue our mission by visiting: Thank you for your support. We appreciate you so much ❤️

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