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The Veterans Thrift Store Gives a Check for $25,326.96 to support the mission at Vets Returning Home

We are so excited to share that the Veterans Thrift Store was able to give a check for $25,326.96 to Vets Returning Home!! A HUGE thank you to everyone in the community and donors who have provided the items we have and who have come to the store to shop. This would not be possible if it weren't for your generosity and support. This store is instrumental for continuing our mission of supporting, housing, providing meals, and transitioning homeless veterans to stability and independence at Vets Returning Home. We are so beyond grateful for the overwhelming support we have received since opening the thrift store just 4 months ago. We have beautiful items at super discounted thrifty prices to not only sell to provide for our veterans but to give back to the community as well by having affordable items for purchase. Please share with your family and friends, and come by and shop to help us sustain the shelter for our veteran heroes who need our support! ❤️

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