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WE NEED YOUR HELP!! WIN/WIN Opportunities for business owners and our Veterans in crisis!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Vets Returning Home is a Nonprofit founded by Sandy Bower. This nonprofit organization has provided housing, 3 meals a day for over 1700 Veterans in crisis, provides a structured environment to help get our Veterans back on the right track after suffering from depression and PTSD, and so much more.

Vets Returning Home Cafeteria

Sandy is also a business owner. She owns a company called Empire Pays.

Empire Pays is a Merchant Credit Card Service 💳 that offers full payment solutions for small businesses that accept credit cards and gift cards for payment.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, it has been hard to ask the community for donations, because a lot of people are struggling themselves.

So we came up with a WIN/WIN solution for both business owners and our Veterans in crisis!

By switching with Empire Pays for your credit card processing, we will get you the best price for your credit card processing fees.

100% of profits from new accounts will be given directly to Vets Returning Home to house and feed Veterans in need, and much more.

We have customer service available to come out to your place of work within 2 hours for tech issues and it doesn't cost a thing!

Just provide your merchant statement to Empire Pays, and let us do the rest to save you money and make this area of your business easier.

Right now 4,000 Michigan veterans are in crisis, and 45% of those veterans suffer from PTSD.

11% of all Veterans suffer from depression.

Vets Returning Home is committed to helping our veterans. We want to make sure that they do not feel forgotten, and that we are here for them when they need it the most.

For more information of how you can help Veterans in crisis and how you will save money with your credit card 💳 services,

Call Sandy or Lynn @

📞 Sandy Bower 586-216-8510

📞 Lynn Garlow 586-212-3549


or you can Email us @




or Visit us @

You can make a Donation here ..


Join our Supporting Partner Program Here..

Check out more of our videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!


Help us share awareness to our mission to help veterans in need!


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