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Vets Returning Home | A Michigan Registered Non-Profit 501(c)3

Vets Returning Home 11,000 sq. ft. facility for homeless vets in Roseville, Michigan

Our goal at Vets Returning Home is to end chronic homelessness among veterans in our communities. Our mission is complex, requiring more than putting a roof over the veterans’ heads. It requires an approach that address the “total veteran” and his needs and making sure they succeed after they are transitioned.

We are a volunteer operated 11,000 square foot facility in Roseville, Michigan with 43 beds and commercial kitchen. 6 of the 43 beds are dedicated to females only.

We provide a stable and sober living environment to veterans in crisis.

Onsite services including employment readiness training, aid with job placement, disability benefit connection, legal support and life skills training.

Community support both physical and financial has been vital to our ability to continue our mission.

Vets Returning home receives NO government funding.

We have successfully transitioned on average 250 veterans a year back into society as a fully functioning community member.

Vets Returning Home is a Michigan registered nonprofit agency. The overall objective is to provide a clean, safe, sober living environment for veterans.

Please visit us at for more info on how you can help us save homeless veterans and veterans in crisis.

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Vets Returning Home cafeteria

Vets Returning Home's backyard with seating, BBQ grill & firepit.





Our WIN/WIN Supporting Partner Program promotes YOUR business & ALL of the proceeds from your monthly donation will go directly towards helping our homeless veterans and veterans in crisis

Become a Supporting Partner here..

Vets Returning Home Supporting Partner Program


If you are looking to donate a vehicle, please consider Vets Returning Home Transportation could change a veterans life in so many ways..

Visit us at or give us a call for more info Or stop by and say hello!

Office. 586-285-5606 Cell. 586-216-8510 Email.

Vets Returning Home Car Donation Program

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